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Fresh Milk Vereia Chudno Fresh Milk Vereia Chudno is produced of 100% first quality cow’s milk.
New Vereia Flavoured Drinking Yoghurts Discover the fresh tastes of the new Flavoured Drinking Yoghurts from Vereia
New Vereia airian in bottle Try out the new refreshing Vereia airians in convenient bottles of 1L, 500ml и 330ml!
Vereia milk in family packs For those who love Vereia milk a lot – our family packs!
Vereia Family Games Plovdiv 2015 On 4th of October 2015, in Plovdiv, was held the first family competition Family Games.
Vereia protects the natural qualities of the milk and yoghurt New original reading through the eyes of a child of the already well-known and important 4-step quality control system of Vereia: 1) Selected farms 2) Strict incoming tests 3) Clear packaging 4) Final tests
Vereia with Care for Varna Children The team of Vereia and the Regional Health Inspectorate (RHI) – Varna organized jointly an educational campaign for the building up of appropriate nutritional habits in the little children of Varna related to the consumption of milk and dairy products.
Vereia Preserves the Natural Qualities of Milk Campaign of Vereia for the natural qualities of the milk.
We have been producing milk since 1959 We inherited the traditions in the production of yoghurt since 1959. We know how to select milk of quality and live Bulgarian yeast to offer you the authentic taste of Vereia.
With Care for the Children of Plovdiv At the end of 2011 we donated 10 000 liters of milk Vereia to the kindergartens in the town with the message that the growing up should be provided with the needed acceptance of dairy products of quality.
Vereia in Support of Bulgarian Red Cross Over 70 tons of milk for underprivileged children.
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