Vereia with Care for Varna Children

The team of Vereia and the Regional Health Inspectorate (RHI) – Varna organized jointly an educational campaign for the building up of appropriate nutritional habits in the little children of Varna related to the consumption of milk and dairy products. The campaign „Vereia – with Care for Varna Children” is a part of a social platform of Vereia and OMK AD of many years with a mission to work over possibilities for prevention of socially significant problems related to nutrition. The initiative is directed at children at the age of between 3 and 7 in municipal kindergartens and is focused over the need and the use of milk for the growing up.

„The research in the last few years has shown that the average daily consumption of milk with children at the age of between 3 and 7 in Bulgaria is lower than the recommendable dosage of 350 ml. This is also valid in full force for the region of Varna. The dairy products are the best source of easily absorbable calcium which is of vital significance for the maintenance and the building up of the structure of the bones and the teeth, as well as of the growing up of the children. This is why the creation of appropriate nutritional habits in children is of exceptional significance so that they could grow up healthy.” – Lalka Rangelova, M.D. from the National Center of Public Health and Analyses commented.

Especially for the campaign Varna Puppet Theater Actor Hristo Kolev (Manager of Theater „Shturche” (Cricket) created a children’s theater performance „Kotaran Mlekan” (Milk Cat), which is a guest to municipal kindergartens in Varna to the end of the month of May 2013. The performance explains to the children in a language accessible for them and in an enthralling, funny and interacting with the audience manner why the daily consumption of milk and dairy products is of great significance. After the instructive experience for the children, their parents received materials containing useful information about the daily quantity of milk, which they should include in the menu of the children, as well as what significant for human organism qualities the dairy products have. The recommendations in the brochure were prepared by the specialists from the National Center of Public Health and Analyses.