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Vereia is a leading trademark in the milk processing branch, an heir of traditions of many years in the production of yoghurt and milk and Bulgarian cheese of high quality, dated back to year 1959. Vereia is produced by ОМК (Obedinena Mlechna Kompania (United Dairy Company JSC)) – a successor of the former state Serdica enterprises.

From the favorite trademark of Stara Zagora at the beginning of the nineties up to now Vereia turned into a mark of national significance and reached more than 1 000 000 consumers. Over 25 000 tons of dairy products are manufactured under the Vereia trademark per year in the categories of milk and yoghurt, dairy drinks, cheese and butter. Here are some of the most significant moments of the history of Vereia:

Верея 1959

This is the year when milk processing turned into a state policy. All the dairy farms and milk collecting points were united per regions and thus 27 regional centers were opened.

Верея 1994

Vereia was registered as a local trademark for the market of Stara Zagora.

Верея 1996

The first package of milk in a cardboard box under the trademark of Vereia was launched. Up to that time the milk was sold only in plastic bags.

Верея 1998

The United Dairy Company JSC (Obedinena Mlechna Kompania AD (OMK)) was incorporated, which inherited the enterprises of Serdica in the towns of Plovdiv, Bourgas, Varna, Shoumen, Vratsa, Stara Zagora.

Верея 2000

Vereia became a national trademark of dairy products of ОМК.

Верея 2003

Vereia became a market leader in the category of milk and up to this time it has preserved its positions, holding more than 20% of market share in volume.

Верея 2004

The entire production of dairy products under Vereia trademark was transferred to the plant of ОМК in Plovdiv certified in conformity with the highest European requirements.

Верея 2006

With the creation of the healthy line „Vereia Calcium”, ОМК also started up a two-year national campaign for combat with osteoporosis, directed at the popularization and awareness of the Bulgarian consumers of the manners of and benefits from healthy nutrition.

Верея 2011

ОМК introduced a new state-of-the-art line for packaging milk Vereia in a carton box with a cap.

Верея 2012

Vereia is imposed as the market leader also in the category of yoghurt.

Верея 2012

"Vereia" expanded its dessert variety by introducing Vereia with muesli with two new unique flavors: with pieces of fig and with chocolate chip.

Верея 2014

„Vereia” introduced in the market fresh milk 3%
in a NEW family pack of 2L.

Dessert range is expanded by introducing two original flavors -
lemon cake and cappuccino with chocolate crispies.

In November 2014 “Vereia” launched on the market
matured yellow cheese from 100% first quality cow’s milk.

Верея 2015

OMK introduced pack innovation for Bulgarian market and launched Vereia Fresh Milk in new TB Edge pack, with special design for viscous products, providing excellent pouring, openening and handling.

In December 2015 Vereia launched new Vereia Milk 1.5% in the family pack format of 2L.

Верея 2016

OMK invested in a new production line for PET packaging and launched a refreshing line of VEREIA Airian drinks in convenient and contemporary bottles of 330ml, 500ml and 1l.

Верея 2017

ОМК expands its Vereia yoghurt drinks portfolio with 3 refreshing fruit flavours: strawberry, blueberry and peach and passion fruit.

Верея 2019

In the beginning of 2019 ОМК launches fresh milk Vereia Chudno 1l (3,7% и 1,7% fat content) - 100% first quality cow’s milk from selected Bulgarian farms; with a carefully chosen fat content for a fuller taste; produced by a technology that retains perfect quality and packed in a special bottle (with UV protection).

During the second half of the year, the company presents Vereya Chudno yogurt - 5% and 2.5% fat.

Верея 2021

ОМК представя на пазара кисело мляко Верея 3,6% в иноватовна, удобна опаковка от 1кг, с възможност за повторно затваряне

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