Vereia Airian in new packaging

Now you can find your favourite Vereia Airian in a new and improved range. The new Vereia Airian is even better than before.

It is tastier, because it contains less added salt, for a lighter and refreshing taste.

It is more comfortable for storage and consumption, because it is offered in a new and convenient elegant bottle with cap.

It is suitable for everybody and for each occasion – the new Vereia Airian is offered in 3 different bottle sizes – 0.33L, 0.5L and 1L.

Pick the small bottles of 0.33L for instant refreshment, or the universal bottles of 0.5L for the office, school or on the go, or pour and share a glass of freshness with your beloved ones from the big family bottles of 1L.

Vereia Airian fits perfectly in the daily rhythm, anytime and anywhere.

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